About Us


About Us

Founded in 2004, our company has been family owned and managed since the beginning. It is important that people think of us with joy in their hearts, return with a smile, a hug and a friendly relationship. We strive to maintain our reputation of the best customer care, a family-like atmosphere and on-point problem solving. We still want to set an example.

Sailboats are not just boats to us, they are all named after well-known cats. Why? Because they are beautiful, fast, agile, you have to know them to make them purr and they all have their own personality.

We treat our boats as if they were our own backyard. Every year we put a lot of effort, energy and time into maintenance and renovation. Our fleet is constantly changing, with at least one new boat added every year. And the existing vessels are constantly undergoing the installation of newer technology and aesthetic upgrades.

csapatunk, hajókölcsönző Horvátország

Our Team

Szőr Gábor, hajó kölcsönző Adria

Gábor Szőr

Managing director, customer support

Pápai Ari, hajó kölcsönző Adria

Ari Pápai

Bookings, administration

Zoran Salov, hajóbérlés Adria

Salov Zoran

 Base manager

Fabjan Bonomi, hajóbérlés Horvátország

Fabjan Bonomi (Fabo)

Technical staff

Rahila Knezevic, hajó kölcsönző Adria

Rahila Knezevic


Tino Kardum, hajókölcsönző Adria

Tino Kardum

Technical staff

Felszeghy Luca, hajó kölcsönző Adria

Luca Felszeghy

Bookings, administration

Szőr Sebestyén, Charter management Horvátország

Sebestyén Szőr

Marketing, online presence