Special Offers

At Candor, we pay great attention to the emotions and experiences our guests leave with. We feel good when everyone returns home happy, safe and sound and with many good experiences. If that’s the case, we believe we’ve established a good relationship with our guests. We want to continue this by expanding our little Candor family, so we give all returning guests a 10% discount when they book with us again. You don’t see up to half of this with other companies, but it’s important to us that we know our guests, so we can improve their holiday experience!

This year – as usual – we’re offering generous discounts for the fall season. For sailors who aren’t afraid of colder (but swimmable still) waters, and stronger winds, the postseason is a beloved period of the year. This time we offer 30% discount for the week of September 23, as well as 20% for all bookings in all of October. Come take the opportunity, we can’t wait to see you this fall!

If you’re already planning or have decided to come sailing, we have a discount for all sailing boats. You can request an option on any vessel for next year and get a 5% early booking discount!

Come sail with us, enjoy your time here and post about it on social media. For now, it’s just a normal boat trip. However, if you tag Candor in your posts, and our logo is visible in your photos, we’ll give you a Stand Up Paddleboard the next time you come to visit us!